Benefits and Facilities

There are many elements to the University’s reward strategy, and the benefits we offer with pay, holiday entitlement and flexibility are key to attracting new people to the University and helping existing staff feel valued.


The University of Derby prides itself in offering competitive salaries and rates of pay both locally and within the sector. We commission regular local pay benchmarking surveys to ensure all open positions at the University remain attractive to new candidates.

Hours of work

A full time position is 37 hours per week. Pay and benefits, including annual leave entitlements, are calculated on a pro rata basis for fractional or part time posts.


We believe that a healthy work/life balance is essential, so we offer a favourable holiday provision for both academic and support staff.

Current holiday entitlement pro rata for part-time staff:

  • Academic - 35 days a year
  • Senior Management Family - 30 days a year
  • Management, Professional & Specialist (MPS) Family, Administrative, Technical and Operational Support Families - 26 days a year

Staff in the Senior Management and MPS families are invited to participate in the UatDerby flex holiday trading scheme.

In addition to bank holidays, at the discretion of the University, a further 4 concessionary days around Christmas and Easter are given.

Flexible working

The University offers a range of employment practices such as part time working and some flexibility in start/finish times, depending upon your role. All staff have the statutory right to request flexible working, subject to length of service criteria.

Special leave policies

We are able to offer generous paid leave in special circumstances such as the serious illness of a near relative, bereavement, medical testing and some public duties. In a lot of other organisations, such leave would be unpaid.

Maternity and paternity leave

The University’s maternity and adoption leave schemes offer up to 52 weeks leave. Subject to eligibility, this can include 6 weeks at full pay, another 12 weeks at half pay followed by 21 weeks of Statutory Maternity Pay. The last 13 weeks can be taken as unpaid leave.

Employees may be able to benefit from up to 2 weeks paternity leave at full pay subject to eligibility criteria.

Sports facilities

Team Derby provides students, staff, and members of the public with a world of sporting opportunity, fitness and activity. Our inclusive attitude to sport, exercise and health shows we believe passionately in the ethos of sport for all.

We boast an all-weather sports pitch and tennis courts at our Kedleston Road site and an ongoing £1.5m refurbishment of the Harpur Hill facilities near our Buxton campus.

Team Derby Fitness, the new 44 station fitness facility, is now open to staff and students of the University. This includes a range of fitness and exercise classes. Open weekdays 7am-10pm and weekends 9am-5pm, you can book your induction with one of our friendly instructors.