Core Values

What can customers, stakeholders and our community expect from the University?

As a collective community, we are proud to communicate what our communities can expect from us. We have outlined these expectations in line with our Core Values.


We are committed to creating and operating a stimulating environment for all who come into contact with us, by encouraging ideas, driving improvements, encouraging learning and development and making timely and informed decisions. 

We need our staff to be … committed to achieving the best and taking responsibility for setting and achieving high standards and taking pride in what they and others are able to achieve.

Valuing People

We recognise people are at the centre of everything we do and the quality of our relationships has a direct impact on our performance. We display consistently positive behaviour and are proactive in building effective relationships within and across teams.  

We need our staff to  … treat people with courtesy and respect. We involve and listen to others and show consideration and empathy for their  emotional and physical well-being. We value others for their contribution irrespective of personal differences. We are honest, trustworthy and straightforward in our dealings.

Customer Focus 

We are committed to creating an environment where teams work together to provide customers with an efficient and effective service across the University. We champion and promote high standards of service within teams and generate opportunities for staff to share good practice. We are committed to creating and converting commercial/business opportunities through networking, building the University Mission and Values, and we understand our Market.  

We need our staff to  … seek out opportunities to understand and extend our customer base, so that we cannot only attract and retain customers but exceed their expectations. We put our students/customers at the heart of  what we do by providing them with a high quality experience that they value.

Challenge and Innovation 

We encourage and are stimulated by being challenged and challenging others in a constructive and positive fashion. We promote ideas/flexible approaches and implement required changes to bring about improved organisational and individual performance.  

We need our staff to  … see change as an opportunity to develop the business in areas that will provide future successes for students, staff and the communities in which it operates. We support each other professionally and emotionally, in order to respond to the challenges future sector changes present.

Opportunity and Openness  

We are passionate about extending opportunities to enable others to fulfil their potential. We are committed to enabling a culture of Learning and Development by creating a positive and rewarding environment for all who have contact with us. We create a climate of openness and trust by adopting a timely and straightforward approach to communications.  

We need our staff to  …promote a team approach based on honest two-way communication and a willingness to share and include others. We are inclusive, open and flexible in our approach to communication and make time for our colleagues. We embrace opportunities to learn and develop both personally and professionally.